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Dicode - Tailor-made software for individual needs

Dicode Ltd. was established in 2002 and since then we’ve implemented projects for various industries and sectors from health care to industrial automation, and for public, private, and non-profit organizations of different sizes, nationally and globally. We can identify and solve our customer’s problems in an agile way, enabling our customers to focus better on their core work.

Our services cover the entire software development process. We start with a careful analysis of our customer’s needs, proceed to composing ideas, and as an end product actualize a software that fulfills the specified needs. We always offer our customers personalized service and contact throughout the development process.

We carry out our work in active and open communication with the customer – we enjoy stepping out of the office to meet, greet, and share thoughts. We use well-known open source software components and libraries to ensure cost-effectiveness, high quality, flexibility, and security. Our way of doing aims at two goals – a high-quality software product and a satisfied customer.

Dicode’s personnel consists of highly educated software professionals proficient in usability, graphic design, implementation, software architecture design, as well as database solutions and maintenance. Our diverse set of skills ensures the high quality of our products. It also enables us to provide consulting services to customers large and small.

So, whether you have an irritating problem or a big dream, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to sit down with you, enjoy some coffee, and have a talk (we hope you don’t mind our Finnish accent with a hint of Java).

Our values


Dicode wants to encourage employee motivation by providing functional environment and good leadership. We find it important that employees' skills and personal goals are taken into account and that they can influence the content of their work. Different life situations and changes in them are also respected.

Customer orientation

We want to communicate with our customers actively, so that everyone knows exactly what is the current state of the project. Good communication gives us the ability to adapt to changes quickly. Satisfied customers, happy users, and high quality are our main goals.


Our employees are highly educated software professionals. We keep our skills and knowhow up to date with regular training sessions.


We believe that business should be transparent and sincere. At Dicode, we solve problems and overcome challenges together. The trust between our employees strengthens the team spirit.


Dicode provides an ergonomic work environment and possibilities for regular physical exercise for all the employees. We believe that good well-being will lead to happier workforce and to better performance.